Hamtic was formerly named Antique, after which the province was named. It is the oldest town and the first capital of the province before it was transferred to  San Jose de Buenavista in 1802. The town speaks three dialects, namely Hamtikanon (a unique town dialect), Karay-a (the lingua franca of Antique province), and Hiligaynon (the regional dialect).

Brief History

LGU type: Municipality Province: Antique
District: Lone DistrictTotal no of Barangays: 47
Income Class: 3rd classPolitical Subdivision – 47 Barangays (5 Urban, 42 Rural)
Time Zone: UTC+8ZIP Code: 5715
PSGC: 060608000Climate: Tropical
Land Area – 11,303 HectaresChartered: January 20, 1954
Native Languages: Kinaray – a

Lists of Barangays



  • Earthquake / Ground-shaking
  • Flood
  • Rain Induced Landslide
  • Typhoon

Economical Activity

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fisheries
  3. Commercial and Service Centers
  4. Tourism