Historical Development

When the Malayan Datus led by Datu Sumakwelan reached the island of Panay, they landed at Malandog which has become one of the barangays of Hamtic at present. Finding the place marshy and unsuitable for settlement, they moved down three kilometers south. There. They found wider plains with abundant trees and materials needed in the construction of their houses. They later named the place “Hamtic” because the place was inhabited by big ants that hummed and produced “tik” sounds when bite. It was on the place when the first Malayan settlement and the purchase of Panay between Date Sumakwel and the Aetas Chief. Datu Marikudo took place. Panay was purchase for one gold sadok and one gold necklace.

When the Spanish came and conquered the island, the place was renamed Antique which later on carried the name of the whole province in the map. For a time, Hamtic remained as the capital town of the province. Later on Spaniards changed the capital to San Jose de Buenavista, relegating Hamtic as mere “arabal”.

During the Spanish-American War, the Spaniards were conquered by the American. As a result, the capital town was provisionally transferred to Bugasong in 1907 but owing to the poor access of the transportation facilities, San Jose de Buenavista was again renamed as the capital town and is still up to the present.

Hamtic became a district municipality by virtue of Executive No. 3 singed by the late President Ramon Magsaysay in 1954. The town became formally separated from San Jose de Buenavista on January 20, 1954. The first Mayor, Hon. Pedro A. Javier was appointed by the President. In the first election of Hamtic in 1956, Mayor Pedro A. Javier, the first appointed mayor lost to Hon. Julian F. Pacificador who had been re-elected for four (4) consecutive terms. During the 1971 election, Hon. Julian F. Pacificador run for Governor of the Province of Antique and again Hon. Pedro A. Javier was re-elected as mayor of the town and served the term until 1971. Later, Hon. Pedro A. Javier was succeeded by Hon. Julius Ll. Pacificador who was a municipal councilor then but won the mayorship in the 1971 election and served the term until 1981 in a hold over capacity.