In celebration of the 31st Civil Registration Month last February 2021, Philippine Statistics Authority Antique Provincial Statistical Office conducted Electronic Poster Making contest for Local Government Units in the Province of Antique.

1st Place Hamtic


Pursuant to the Presidential Proclamation No. 682 signed on 28 January 1991 by former President Corazon C. Aquino the month of February is declared as the Civil Registration Month and we should celebrate it despite the new normal.
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) spearheads the celebration of the Civil Registration Month with the new normal bringing safer, more convenient and strengthened efforts in improving the civil registration services of the country.

Welcoming the new electronic era. The electronic poster shows that gone are the days when Registration Officers manually write data for birth, marriage and death of the Filipino people. Located at the upper portion of the poster is an image of a man writing and a woman with an electronic device symbolizes our welcoming of the new era as the PSA continuously explore new and innovative ways to electronically bring civil registration services and vital statistics closer and easily accessible to the public. At the left side of the man is an increasing graph showing an increased registration rate for birth, marriage and death (represented by the icons above the graph) due to the transition to electronic registration. The use of electronic registration by the PSA resulted to an increase of registrant because it enabled the office to ardently reached out to clients in remote areas who were unable to register to any Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office or to transact at any PSA Field Office. It also enabled the office to have easy access of information locally and globally for vital events because of network services.

Strengthening without compromising employees and client’s health. The image at the lower portion of the electronic poster shows that even with the goal of the PSA to strengthen civil registration and vital statistics’ digital information, the office still has a resilient heart and cares for its’ employees as well as its’ clients during this time of pandemic. The blue heart and accents in the poster represent pacific ways and strategies to serve people while adapting to this current digital age. A poster to always remind everyone of the health safety protocols such as to maintain social distance, wear face mask and face shield and regular washing of hands even with the aim of bringing a more timely and accurate civil registration.

Overall, the electronic poster depicts that strength in public service by the PSA does not just come from physical capacity and resources of the office but it comes from indomitable will to resiliently serve people with a heart despite this pandemic or whatever unforeseen adversities.