Item No.Unit Item DescriptionQNTY
1bottleAIR FRESHNER, aerosol, 280ml/150g min75
2gallonALCOHOL, isoprophyl, 68%-72%, scented, 3.785 liters102
3bottleALCOHOL, isoprophyl, 68%-72%, scented, 500ml159
4pieceBATTERY, dry cell, AA60
5pieceBATTERY, dry cell, AAA16
6bottleBLEACH, 1,892ml17
7pairBOOTS, ordinary, black6
8pieceBROOM,  soft (tambo)18
9pieceBROOM, STICK (TING-TING), usable length: 760mm min10
10pieceCALCULATOR, 12 digits28
11boxCARBON FILM, PE, black, size 216×33010
12pieceCHAIR,monobloc, white, with backrest, w/o armrest4
14pieceCLEAR BOOK, off white/gray, 8.5×13561
15packCLEAR BOOK, refill, 8.5×13, 10pcs/pack350
16pieceCORECTION TAPE, small109
17pieceCORK BOARD,2X31
19pieceCORRECTION PEN, 8ml113
20pieceDATE STAMPER, self inking4
21pieceDATING AND NUMBER STAMPER, self inking14
22bottleDISINFECTANT SPRAY, aerosol type, 400-550 grams28
23pieceDUST PAN, non-rigid palstic, w/ detachable handle26
24unitELECTRIC FAN, STAND type, plastic blade4
25pieceENVELOPE, documentary, 8.5×11165
26pieceENVELOPE, documentary, 8.5×13655
27pieceENVELOPE, expanding, 8.5X1353
28boxENVELOPE, MAILING,white, 80gsm (-5%)35
29unitEXECUTIVE CHAIR, ergonomic1
30boxFACEMASK, surgical, earloop140
31boxFASTENER, double lock121
32boxFASTENER, plastic, 70mm169
33boxFASTENER, steel, 70mm5
35pieceFILING BOX226
36pieceFILING TRAY, 2 layer43
37pieceFLASH DRIVE, capacity 64Gb27
38pieceFLASH DRIVE, capacity 8Gb18
39pieceFOLDER, expanding, legal386
40pieceFOLDER, l-type, tag board, 8.5X11541
41pieceFOLDER, l-type, tag board, 8.5X11, color100
42pieceFOLDER, l-type, tag board, 8.5X131,493
43pieceFOLDER, l-type, tag board, 8.5X13, color354
44pieceFOLDER, l-type, tag board, A4, assorted66
45pieceFOLDER, plastic, transparent115
46packGARBAGE BAG, big196
47packGARBAGE BAG, small142
49pairGLOVES, hand, rubber, non-sterile118
50bottleGLUE, all purpose, gross weight: 200 grams min53
51pieceHARD DISK DRIVE, external, capacity: 1Tb4
52cartINK CART, Canon CL 741, color38
53cartINK CART, Canon CL 811, color27
54cartINK CART, Canon PG 810, black32
55cartINK CART, Canon PG 740, black40
56bottleINK REFILL, Brother DCP T510W, black14
57bottleINK REFILL, Brother, black39
58bottleINK REFILL, Brother, color40
59bottleINK REFILL, Epson 003, black129
60bottleINK REFILL, Epson 003, cyan92
61bottleINK REFILL, Epson 003, magenta82
62bottleINK REFILL, Epson 003, yellow92
63bottleINK REFILL, Epson 664, black177
64bottleINK REFILL, Epson 664, color174
65bottleINK REFILL, generic, black101
66bottleINK REFILL, generic, color39
67bottleINK REFILL, HP 678, black20
68bottleINK REFILL, HP 678, color15
69canINSECTICIDE, aerosol type, net content: 600ml min15
71pieceLAMP ,bulb, light-emitting diode LED, 7w26
72pieceLAMP ,bulb, light-emitting diode LED, 9w50
73pieceLAMP, bulb, light-emitting diode LED, 10w10
74pieceLAMP, tube, flourescent, 18W6
75pieceMARKER, permanent, bullet type, black111
76pieceMARKER, permanent, bullet type, blue69
77boxMARKER, permanent, bullet type,black9
78boxMARKER, permanent, bullet type,blue5
79pieceMARKER, white board, bullet type, black11
80padMEMO PAD20
81pieceMOP, floor, with handle9
82gallonMURIATIC ACID, 3.785 liters102
83pieceNUMBERING STAMP, self-inking, 6 digit2
84piecePAIL, plastic, w/ cover, big5
85boxPAPER , mimeographing, 8.5X1143
86boxPAPER , mimeographing, 8.5X1318
87reamPAPER , multipurpose, 70gsm, 8.5X11962
88reamPAPER , multipurpose, 70gsm, 8.5X131,078
89reamPAPER , multipurpose, 70gsm, A4540
90boxPAPER CLIP, big213
91boxPAPER CLIP, small172
92piecePASTE, tube, big10
93boxPEN, ballpoint, 1 dozen133
94piecePEN, ballpoint, black52
95piecePENCIL, lead with eraser20
96boxPENCIL, lead with eraser, 1 dozen44
97gallonPOVIDONE-IODINE, betadine1
99piecePUNCHER, paper, heavy duty, with two hole guide4
100boxPUSH PIN, 4mm dia, 8mm len53
101piecePWD ID CARD, 3.5″X2.5″1,000
102bookPWD PURCHASE BOOKLET, 4″X6″,20 pages845
103setRAINCOAT, w/ pants, large12
104bookRECORD BOOK, 200 pages, size 214mmx278mm min114
105bookRECORD BOOK, 300 pages, size 214mmx278mm min32
106bookRECORD BOOK, 500 pages, size 214mmx278mm min113
107cartRIBBON CART., black31
109pairSCISSOR, symmetrical, blade length:65mm min33
110pieceSENIOR CITIZEN ID CARD, 3.5″x2.5″1,000
111bookSENIOR CITIZEN PURCHASE BOOKLET, 4″X6″, 20 pages1,000
112pieceSIGN PEN, black, liquid/gel ink, 0.5mm, needle tip221
113pieceSIGN PEN, blue, liquid/gel ink, 0.5mm, needle tip6
114packSOAP, detergent, powder, 500 grams58
115bottleSOAP, dishwashing, liquid26
116bottleSOAP, hand, liquid, 500ml104
117pieceSOAP, hand, solid, large21
118packSPECIALTY PAPER, 8.5X1116
119packSPECIALTY PAPER, 8.5X13151
120bottleSTAMP PAD INK, violet or purple62
121pieceSTAMP PAD, bed dimension: 60mmx100mm min54
122boxSTAPLE WIRE, #10180
123boxSTAPLE WIRE, #35180
124pieceSTAPLER, #1024
125pieceSTAPLER, #3556
126reamSTATIONERY PAPER, with Municipal logo64
128padSTICKY NOTE PAD, 2×2″30
129pieceTAPE DISPENSER, TABLE TOP, for 24mm width tape6
130rollTAPE, MASKING, width: 24mm (±1mm)42
131rollTAPE, MASKING, width: 48mm (±1mm)41
132rollTAPE, TRANSPARENT, width: 48mm (±1mm)70
133bottleTOILET BOWL CLEANER, 700ml42
134pieceTOILET BRUSH10
135bottleTOILET DEODORIZER, 900ml112
136rollTOILET TISSUE PAPER, 2-ply, 100% recyclable890
137pieceWASTEBASKET, non-rigid plastic7
138pieceWHITE BOARD, 2×32
139reamWRITING PAD, with logo48
140padYELLOW PAD66
142pieceTAX DEC COVER50
144pieceTRACING PAPER, pre-cut, size:50.8cmx76.2cm, 82gsm160
147pieceBINDING HOOK (2′ 1/2″)94
148pieceBINDING HOOK (1′ 1/2″)60
149packPVC Cover2
150pieceCD (Rewritable)10