Office of the Municipal Budget Officer

Department Head: Myrna M. Sapan

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“An implementer of performance and informed budget and management system that enhance transparency, accountability and public participation in Local Governance.”

The Municipal Budget Office shall lead public expenditure management to ensure the quitable, prudent, transparent and accountable allocation and use of public funds to improve the quality of each and every Hamtikanon.


  1. The Municipal Budget Office is mandated to promote sound, efficient and effective management and utilization of government resources as in the achievement of socioeconomic and political development goals.
  2. Review and consolidate budget proposals of different departments and offices of the Local Government Unit
  3. Assist the Local Chief Executive in the preparation of the Annual and Supplemental Budget
  4. Study and evaluate budgetary implications of proposed legislation and submit comments and recommendations thereon.
  5. Act as the member of the Local Finance Commitee

Organizational Outcome:

  1. Performance Based Budget Fully Implemented.
  2. Efficiency of government operations enhanced.
  3. Effectiveness of Resources Allocation Improved.
  4. Fiscal Discipline Sustained.

Office of the Budget Personnel FY 2020

Position TitleName of Incumbent
Municipal Budget OfficerMyrna M. Sapan
Administrative Officer IV
(Budget Officer II)
Florence Christine S. Cahilig
Administrative Officer IV
(Budget Officer I)