Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator

Department Head: Edward A. Pingoy

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“Productive, developed community for the next generation with balance ecology”

Prepare development plans for the delivery of basic services and upliftment of lives of the Hamticanons


  1. Formulate Integrated Economical, Social, Physical and other Development Plans and Policies for consideration of the Local Development Council
  2. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different programs, activities and projects in the LGU concerned in accordance with the approved development plans.

Organizational Outcome:

Able to prepare development plans in aid to planning process to achieve productive, developed community with balance ecology for the next generation.

Office of the Municipal Planning and Development  Personnel FY 2020

Position TitleName of Incumbent
Municipal Planning and
Development Coordinator
Project Development Officer IIEdward A. Pingoy (MPDC – OIC)
Statistician IClinton Clyde M. Belleza
Draftsman II
Administrative Aide III
(Utility Worker III)
Gypsy S. Rios
Administrative Aide II
Edwin Teddy Z. Toledo