Office of the Municipal Registrar

Department Head: Ramona Z. Mabaquiao

  • Contact no: 09065191229 / 09291546280
  • Email Address:

Locally and globally responsive civil registration system.

Continuous implementation of civil registration laws. relates rules and regulations, approved programs and projects relative to civil registration with outmost courtesy, justness, efficiency and excellence.


Registration of all acts and events concerning the civil status of persons from birth to death including the charges taking place therein and recording them in the appropriate civil registry book.

Organizational Outcome:

  1. Effective and efficient delivery of civil registration services in accordance with the civil registry law, rules and regulations.
  2. Increase registration of vital events
  3. Increased awareness on the importance of civil registration and a clear and better understanding of pertinent laws, Ras and MCs.


  1. Accepts registable documents affecting civil status of persons
  2. File, keep and preserve in a secured place all books required by the law
  3. transmit to the office of the Civil Registrar General Through PSA provincial office withi (10) days of each month duplicate copies of documents registered during the preceding month.
  4. Issued Certified True Copies of transcripts of any certification upon payment of the prescribed fees.
  5. Accepts application for the issuance of marriage license after all the requirements have been compiled with and shall issue marriage license upon payment of the prescribed fee.
  6. Administer oaths for civil registration free of charge.
  7. Act on petitions to correct clerical or typographical error and change of the first name or nickname pursuant to RA 9048 / R.A 10172.
  8. Act on application for legitimation under R.A 9858 AUSF under R.A 9255.
  9. Conduct information dissemination, mobile registration and mass wedding in the barangays
  10. Assist and coordinate with the PSA Provincial Office in conducting educational campaigns and other related programs for LGU Hamtic

Services Offered:

  1. Registration
    • Birth
    • Marriage
    • Death
    • Appliaction of Marriage License
    • Legal Instruments
    • Petitions (R.A 9048/ R.A 9255)
  2. Issuance
    • Certified transcripts or copies of civil registry documents
    • Certification
    • Marriage License
    • Endorsements
  3. Indexing Registered documents are accurately indexed and aplhabetically aranged
  4. Programs
    • Batch Request Entry Query System (BREQS)
    • Information dissemination
    • Mobile Registration
    • Mass Weddings
  5. Reports
    • Registered documents are timely report / submitted every moth.

Support Functions:

  1. Processing of Out-of-Town Registration of Birth
  2. Processing of migrant petition under R.A. 9048/ R.A. 10172/ R.A. 9858
  3. Referral of unusual civil registration cases or issues of advice and/or possible solution.

Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar Personnel FY 2020

Position TitleName of Incumbent
Municipal Civil RegistrarRamona Z. Mabaquiao
Registration Officer IVacant
Assistant Registration OfficerGenebel M. Rosas
Administrative Aide VI
(Clerk III)
Mae P. Sasi