Office of the Municipal Treasurer

Department Head: Charito R. Alejandro

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“The Office of the Municipal Treasurer is an efficient and progressive organization for fiscal administration particularly in the collection, custody and disbursement of funds with responsible, honest, competent and approachable staff to support the local government archives its financial goals and objectives “

The Official of the Municipal Treasurer shall generate revenues thru efficient collection of taxes, fees and charges accruing to the local government in accordance with existing laws and ordinances, and to take custody and exercise proper management of funds of the municipality in order to sustain and maintain the financial needs of the Municipality and its development wells.


The Office of the Municipal Treasurer is mandated to collect taxes, fees and other revenues and to take custody and exercise proper management if LGU funds.

Organizational Outcome:

Sound performance through effective and efficient revenue collection and fiscal management.

Office of the Municipal Treasurer Personnel FY 2020

Position TitleName of Incumbent
Municipal TreasurerCharito R. Alejandro
Assistant Municipal
Local Revenue Collection
Officer II
Channie J. Genopeda
Administrative Officer III
(Cashier II)
Amalia M. Salvan
Local Revenue Collection
Officer I
Jecile Marie S. Coloso
Revenue Collection Clerk IIIEddie Servera
Revenue Collection Clerk IIConrado S. Gorero
Revenue Collection Clerk IIGinalyn S. Feria