Office of the Social Welfare and Development Officer

Department Head: Floreza M. Mercado, RSW

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The MSWDO Hamtic visions all disadvantaged Hamticanons free from poverty, living in progressive, safe and ecologically balanced community,

The MSWDO will care, protect and develop the disadvantaged sectors to become self-reliant and productive citizens in the community through responsive delivery of social welfare services.


  1. Formulate and develop comprehensive and integrated policies, plans standards, programs and projects in the field of the Social Welfare and Development based on the need of target population. Ensure the provision of legislation realated to Social Welfare Development, promote, support and coordinate the establishment, expansion, maintenance and provision of people’s organization that can best provide them,
  2. Provide Technical Assistance to local government units, law enforcement agencies and other agencies of the government NGO’s and PO’s necessary in providing disaster relief and in protecting the right of the exploited, abused and disadvantage.


  1. To Provide conceptual framework Programs and services such as providing financial assistance which includes medical, burial and livelihood program;
  2. To provide individual, group & family counseling to the vulnerable and disadvantage individuals
  3. To advocate the Social Welfare Development (SWD) as a priority concerns for all LGU’s, NGO’s and other institutions including legislators and other concerned individual and group.
  4. to empower disadvantaged and most vulnerable families to attain self-reliance and to achieve self-management capabilities.
  5. To provide overall leadership competence and guidance in the delivery of Social Welfare & Development Services through capability building as wee as technical assistance in Social Development monitoring and evaluation.
  6. To reduce number of victims of violence against women and children in the Municipality.

Organizational Outcome:

Disadvantage sector of our society are empowered and become self-reliant in the community.

Services Offered

Provision of Assistance in Crisis Situation

The Office of the Municipal Welfare & Development provides financial assistance to individual and families whose resources are inadequate to meet their needs.

Situation Covered by the services are as follows

  • Burial Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Transportation

2. Securing Social Case Study Report

Social Worker prepares Case Study for indigent clients to avail assistance from the Philippine Charity Sweestakes Office and other agencies or Institutions (DOH, DOJ, DSWD, PSWDO)

Situation Covered:

  • Victims of Natural Disaster (vehicular accidents are not included in case referal to PCSO)
  • Hospitalization needs such as medicines (maintenance not included), laboratory, surgical operation, hospital bills and restorative devices.
  • Special Cases (CICL, Abused, Abandoned victims Women and Children)

3. Securing Referral to Link Agencies

Social Worker Links client to resources by referring to the appropriate agency.

Situation Covered:

  • Individual on-travel for emergency purposes
  • Assistive device for person with disability
  • Victim of crime
  • In need of medicines
  • Patient due for discharge in hospitals

4. Securing Certificate of Indigency

A certificate of Indigency is required by the Public’s Attorney’s Office (PAO) for free legal assistance to indigents. Likewise it is a common requirement in availing assistance from any government and private offices.

Situation Covered:

  • Free legal assistance from the public attorney’s office
  • assistance from any government and private offices

5. Availing Day Care Services

The DSWS through the Local Social Welfare Development recognize the importance of education in shaping the future of individuals in the community as a whole.

Day Care Services provides early childhood care and development activities from Monday to Friday to the future leaders of the community, the children.

The MSWD of hamtic manages 50 Day Care Centers in the 47 barangays, currently 1,520 pupils enrolled, under direct supervision of 50 Child Development Workers

Situation Covered : Children with ages 3 to 4 years old.

6. Care and Protection to Women and Children Under Difficult Circumstances

The MSWDO promotes care and protection of Women and Children through the implementation of RA 9344, RA 7610, and R.A 9262 Care and protection of Women and children/minors which include rescue of victim, individual family counselling, referral for Psychological, Medical/Medico Legal assistance, and assist during investigation at the PNP and Medical Examination, Filing of Case Court Hearing Proceedings.

Situation Covered:

  • Abandoned/Neglected
  • Abused (physical, sexual, emotional, psychological violence)
  • Handicapped
  • Women under difficult circumstances

7. Pre – Marriage Counselling

The MSWD recognized role and important of family in shaping good and responsible community. Pre-Marriage counselling help prepare couple to the challenges of the changing society.

Situation Covered: Pre-Married couples securing Marriage License

Client Group: Would be couples.

Securing Senior Citizen’s I.D and Purchase Booklet for Medicines and Groceries

The Official of the MSWDO recognizes contribution of the elderly to nation building and encourages their continues and active involvement and participant to Benefits under R.A 9994

  • Free Medical and dental, diagnostic services and professional fees in all service ward and 20% discount in pay ward of government.
  • 20% discount on professional fees for medical and dental services in private health facilities
  • 20% discount on medical and dental services, diagnostic and laboratory fees, and smallest available room in private health facilities
  • 20% discount on the purchase of food.
  • Free medical and dental diagnostic services and professional fees in all service ward and 20% discount in pay ward of the Government Health Facilities.
  • 20% discount on professional fees for medical and dental services in private health facilities
  • 20% discount on medical and dental services, diagnostic and laboratory fees, and smallest available room in private health facilities
  • 20% discount on the purchase of the medicines with prescription of attending Physician
  • 20% discount in hotels and similar lodging establishment, restaurant, and recration centers
  • 20% discounts in theaters, cinema houses, concert halls, carnivals and other smallest places of culture, leisure and amusement
  • 20% discount on fare for domestic air and sea travel and public land transportation.
  • 20% discount on funeral parlors and similar establishments
  • 5% discount on basic necessities and prime commodities from groceries and supermarket but not more than 1,200 php/week
  • Social Pension Program

Situation Covered: Elderly with ages 60 years old and above.

9. Provision of Solo Parent Identification Card

The DSWD being the led agency in the implementation of Solo Parent Welfare Act (RA 8972), advocates the implementation of comprehensive programs for Solo Parents in the local government unit through the MSWD.

Benefits include livelihood services, employment – related benefits (parental leave, flexible work schedule), psychological services, educational services, health services, housing services.

Client Groups: Solo Parent

10. Provision of PWD ID & Purchase Booklet

The MSWD recognizes the role and important of person with disabilities towards nation building and advocates for provision of devices that will enable them ti perform tasks and chores with minimum or no assistance.

Situation Covered:

  • Visually/ speech impairment
  • Orthopedic disability
  • Physically handicapped
  • Chronic illness (specific condition with doctor certificate)
  • Learning disability
  • Communication deficit
  • Psycho-social disability

11. Availing Disaster Relief Assistance

The office of the MSWD provides assistance to individuals and families who are victims of the natural and man – made calamities.

Situation Covered:

  • Distribution of relief assistance
  • Councelling to individuals and families who have been emotionally and psychologically depressed by disaster.
  • Evacuation Center Management.
  • Provision of limited financial / material assistance for totally and partally damaged houses

Client Groups: Indigent Persons or Families / Disaster Victims

Position TitleName of Incumbent
Municipal Social Welfare and
Development Officer
Floreza M. Mercado
Community Affairs Officer
Social Welfare Assistant
Day Care WorkerSalvacion C. Abong
Day Care WorkerBaby Meneriza E. Mabaquiao
Day Care WorkerJulieta E. Pedrina
Marlon O. ManibaSenior Citizen Focal Person N(JO)
Donna G. AlfongaSF Focal Person (JO)
Katrina Marie MarquezSocial Worker (JO)
Juvelyn C. RumbinesJO
Dylene MabaquiaoJO
Analiza EscaroJO
Ross Francis SerniculaPWD Focal (JO)
Jomarie AlviorJO