Programs, Projects and Activities FY 2020
Source of Fund: 20% IRA
Rehabilitation/Improvement of General Fullon Shrine, Landmark and Plaza500,000.00
Rehabilitation/Installation of Water System1,260,406.27
Rehabilitation/Improvement of Streetlights500,000.00
Rehabilitation/Improvement of Municipal Building1,000,000.00
Rehabilitation of Legislative Building (TATAD Building)1,000,000.00
Upgrading of Equipment Automated Electrolyte Analyzer650,000.00
Solarization of the Main Health Center (Birthing Facility)500,000.00
Cholesterol Monitoring Meter with Strips700,000.00
Automated External Defibrillator300,000.00
Purchase of Pulmo Aide (47 Barangays)240,000.00
Rehabilitation/Improvement of Old Public Market Site3,000,000.00
Loan Amortization 
a. Hamtic New Public Market6,278,234.40
b. Hamtic Municipal Cemetery6,291,359.33
Rehabilitation/Improvement of Municipal/Barangay Roads1,000,000.00
Rehabilitation/Improvement of Hamtic Public Market800,000.00
Livelihood Support Program 
a. Procurement of Rice Certified Seeds and Pesticides760,000.00
b. Assistance to Organic Agriculture Project20,000.00
c. Provision of Livelihood Projects for Rural Women100,000.00
d. Livelihood Project1,000,000.00
Construction/Maintenance of Drainage System500,000.00
Coastal Resource Management Program 
a. Mangrove Rehabilitation25,000.00
b. Establishment of 200 Units Jackstone Artificial Reef250,000.00
c. Marine Protected Area (MPA) Rehabilitation25,000.00
d. Fishery Law Enforcement500,000.00
Municipal Nursery Development and Management of Crop, Poultry and Livestock100,000.00
Purchase of Garbage Truck (1 Unit Pick Up Type Multi Cab)250,000.00
Purchase of Toilet Bowls200,000.00
Solid Waste Management Program250,000.00